Sensitiva is a brand within the Veridia group, a multinational organization committed to the promotion of cannabis and with the largest industrial project of its kind in Europe. Backed by the experience of Hunger-Ricci (Switzerland) labs and with innovative formulas, we produce safe, cutting-edge CBD-based products. In addition to providing a wide range of solutions for your every need, our goal is to spread CBD awareness throughout Italy and the rest of Europe and to promote a natural, healthy lifestyle.


The first step is to inform and educate people about what cannabidiol (CBD) is, what its benefits are, and how it is used around the world. In this way, we help you to understand its characteristics and uses and to take best advantage of it in your quest for overall wellness.

Our mission
Make you feel good, always
Our mission
Make you feel good, always

Cannabidiol has been used for quite some time in the United States and Canada, and demand for CBD is continuing to grow. Abroad, CBD is now associated with a modern, healthy lifestyle. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in a great many scientific publications and by countless testimonials by people whom it has helped to significantly improve the quality of their lives.


Taking CBD daily helps to restore harmony of mind and body and alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress, and many other disturbances.

Using CBD

Use of CBD is part of a lifestyle centered around wellness, a decision by those of us who seek to take care of ourselves naturally. Right from the first days of use, you will sense a clear improvement in your quality of living throughout both day and night, as CBD even helps you to get better rest, and, as everyone knows, rest is the best, most natural way to combat ageing.


At Sensitiva, our customers – together with our staff – are the most important part of our business. All that we do is dedicated to you, and your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Exalting the benefits of CBD by way of cutting-edge technologies, we are constantly striving to develop new formulas and create products of the highest quality. Because your wellness is our mission.